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The Problem

Business owners can not know exactly how much merchandise they have in stock and do not have access to inventory data at any time. Also, businesses owners cannot predict needs concerning inventory, which have significance in time and money spent.

There are currently two methods for inventory management:

The more advanced method is carried out by scanning a products’ barcode . Accordingly, the product is removed or added to the stock managing system.  The second method, which is more complex and does not involve any form of technology, is carried out by the person in charge of the inventory moving between  shelves and counting or assessing what is in stock. There is a significant difficulty that has not yet been solved:  both inventory management methods misrepresent the real stock status in real time.

Our Solution

We have developed a system that turns every container into a smart container using a device that connects to the container and transfers the information from the container to the application at any given moment. The information is stored in the application and allows direct access to inventory data in real time.

The application also calculates daily, monthly and yearly statistics for data comparison and  analysis to a more efficient management.

Real Time

With our system you will know the inventory status anytime anywhere.

Easy To Use

Our system is simple, clear and easy to use - no computer background needed, easy to configure.

Customer Service

As part of our product you will get full customer service to help you with any problem.


Our system will predict on a daily, monthly and yearly base the amount of you inventory use. ​


We developed an application that will give you an easy and clear picture of your inventory stock.​

Suppliers Order

With our system you will have the ability to order from your favorite suppliers in a finger touch.

Our Team

Michael Evniel - מיכאל אבניאל

Michael Avniel


A former restaurant manager, in charge of a staff of 10 employees and inventory manager: ordering stock and supplies on a daily basis. Graduate of Android development course at “John Bryce” college.

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